Possibility + Potential // Love, Fort Wayne

About a month back, Amber Recker; foodie and film studio socialite, approached me with a project. She and her colleagues set their sights to make over 50 short vignettes highlighting people who loved Fort Wayne.

My interview time was set for the Saturday before St. Patrick's. The commute down the street was brisk on the bicycle, but there was a warm sound of bagpipes and guitars filling the air. I groggily answered questions about myself, the city, and what I thought the city could be.


Out of all the amazing places I've been, I've made a home in Fort Wayne. The city is a rusted canvas ready for renewal. Sprawl disconnected the neighborhoods and cultures for much of the last fifty years. But the last ten have seen a slow but steady shift in focus towards urbanism.

The results so far have been remarkable. People are moving downtown. Sculptures and street art are blossoming. New skyscrapers are being built.


It was such an honor to provide a collection of my more popular and colorful Instagram snapshots. Their low resolution provided dreamlike backdrops with the help of the designers at Punch. 

I take photographs of Fort Wayne, not because of any great love of what the city is, but a hope of what the the city could be. 


Amber & co. also asked me to take photos for the launch party. It was a great time, got to rub shoulders with the Mayor and test out my new 50mm lens. Everybody wins!


Adam Garland

West Central, 835 W. Wayne St., Fort Wayne, Indiana, The United States