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 Ooh look! Fancy shit!

Ooh look! Fancy shit!

It's been a few weeks.

Fall flickered away into fireplaces and fun nights with friends. Blankets have snow now cover the ground and we trod away into the night by foot or by bike.

In that span of time I've kept busy tending the bar, wasting away time in fantastical worlds, and practicing photography.

I started at the beginning, editing photos from my first digital and film camera experiments. I knew nothing. I still know very little, but it's a few steps into the infinite journey. After running the raw files through fresh edits, I've found new gems in my images. I'm happy to display them in the new galleries on the blog.

I'll be updating and revising the galleries throughout the next few days. Prepare for a torrent of (hopefully) inspiring work.

Adam Garland

West Central, 835 W. Wayne St., Fort Wayne, Indiana, The United States