Let's be honest. The lives we live are very different than the ones we imagine. More often, they are more wondrous than we can conceive.

My art hinges on this principle.

Every situation, no matter how dark, has some silver lining. My life has been great proof of this. Grief and loss entered my life at an early age. My father lost his business in Southern Indiana when I was young and I lost my mother to cancer a few years later.

Photography gave me new eyes to see the world.

With a camera, it was possible to transmute my experiences. Images transformed my world and gave me control of my story and my voice.

I want to do the same for you.

Design and photography are powerful tools for communicating the incredible stories of ordinary people.

I've shot events, bands, weddings, parties, architecture, commercial, and lifestyle photographs.

I've designed work for nonprofits, galleries, individuals, and brands.

Drop me a line and let's get to talking.

You've got a story to tell.